Silent killers of female libido

Women who suffer low libido can tell because they don’t think about sex as often as they ought to, it takes a longer time for them to get aroused sexually, it takes even much longer to reach a climax and they will be too reluctant to initiate sexual contact. It is estimated that about 30% of women experience low libido at one point of their lives or another due to various psychological and physiological reasons. In order to deal with this nagging problem, it is important for women to know some silent killers of female libido and get to deal with them.

Silent killer #1 – Alcohol and drug abuse

There is a great misconception that alcohol improves a person’s sexual performance. The truth of the matter is that alcohol causes a loss of sexual desire the same way that drugs such as antidepressants affect a woman’s libido negatively. Alcohol and drugs usually cause a delay in arousal as well as reaching a climax.

Silent killer #2 – Chronic diseases

Silent killers of female libido

There are a number of diseases that become secret killers to female libido because they cause a hormonal imbalance in the body. Diseases such as those that affect the kidney and diabetes cause a hormonal imbalance that affects your sexual drive negatively and as such you and your partner need to take note.

Silent killer #3 – Pregnancy and childbirth

Pregnancy can cause a temporary loss of sexual desire due to a change in hormonal levels just like it happens with post natal hormonal changes. The trauma associated with giving birth and the fact that sexual intercourse thereafter can be painful in enough to drive a woman’s sexual desire off the course. Other reasons that bring about loss of libido include injury to surgical cuts such as episiotomy and post natal depression are all reasons that will affect a woman’s response to sex.

Silent killer #4 – Anxiety and depression

Two major secret killers of female libido are depression and anxiety that could be caused by even the most trivial reasons. When a woman is depressed she will be withdrawn and may lack the energy to carry on normal function and routines. Depression causes a slow down of all body systems and the drugs used to cure depression make the problem even worse.

Silent killer #5 – Stress

Whenever a person is undergoing stress the body is bound to react in different ways in order to counter the changes through fighting or taking flight. The body releases hormones such as epinephrine and cortisol or adrenaline in response to stress and when this reaction is not reversed it leads to a situation known as chronic stress. It is this stressful situation that usually interferes with the hormone production in your body and this leads to a low sexual drive and response resulting gin low libido.

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