How to kill female libido

There are millions of women who love to go the extra mile in bed with their partners but they soon discover that something went wrong in the process. The problem is that there are many innocent mistakes that women make which cost them blissful sexual experiences. Men are known to be more active during sex and they make the mistake of expecting their women to be equally active. Women on the other hand keep their desires secret and end up committing several mistakes that kill sexual desire and pleasure.

Sex mistake #1 – Darling let’s talk

When nit comes to sex, the adage ‘actions speak louder than words’; more often than not women insist on never ending talks which keeps their men off and this spoils the sexual mood. Whereas talk is important to the women, too much of it will kill your spouse’s sexual desire and this could be mistaken as rejection leading to frigidity. Sex should be about physical intimacy, close gestures and exchanging touch with your partner as you concentrate on the object of lovemaking.

Sex mistake #2 – Apprehension about styles

Kill female libido

Most women who lose libido are more often than not apprehensive about any new styles their spouses may want to try. You will hear the word, “are you sure about this style?” fear of new sex positions and styles leads to apprehension and anxiety leading to restraint from the woman. The result is lack of pleasure from both partners and this affects how you will relate sexually next time. Whereas you have the right to be inquisitive, doubting your partners’ ability leads to restlessness which finally affects female libido because you will be uneasy.

Sex mistake #3 – Unspoken fantasies

Another way of killing your own libido is to have sexual fantasies that your spouse knows nothing about. There are many women who don’t have the courage to speak out their sexual fantasies and desires but the problem comes when you expect your spouse to read your mind and know what you expected. Feeling shy about what you desire will create a vacuum in your sex life and when this goes on for a long time you will finally begin losing interest in the entire thing. If you cannot speak about you may want to try letter writing, recording tapes on playing videos to show your spouse what turns you on.

Sex mistake #4 – Relying on the man for your orgasm

If you want to kill female libido then sit back and wait for your spouse to do everything for you until you get to a climax. The truth about a satisfying sexual encounter is the active participation of both partners. You will be mistaken to assume that it is the man’s responsibility to get you sexually satisfied until you arrive at a perfect climax. As a woman you need play your part in ensuring you get excited and reach an orgasm.

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