What You Should Know About a Female Libido!

Have you ever heard about some woman who has low female libido?  A woman’s libido or sexual drive is caused by a number of factors.  It can be influenced by emotional or physical factors as well.

The Female Libido – The Real Truth

Once a woman ages, she usually loses her interest in sexual activities.  This can greatly affect their relationship.  According to experts, the lack of sexual drive is actually one of the causes of marital problems.

Sexual Dysfunction in Women – The Truth

The Sexual Advice Association reports that 50% of the women population is suffering from sexual problems and these even get worse as they get older.  The loss in sexual drive is also referred to as female sexual dysfunction and this involves pain during sexual intercourse, loss of arousal and difficulty in achieving orgasm.  Sexual function is controlled by the hormones.  Women usually experience instability in the level of their sex hormone during menstruation.  However, their hormone levels are restored as the menstruation period ends.

The Female Libido

Once a woman reaches the menopausal stage, ovaries normally stop producing sex hormones.  This abrupt decrease in hormonal level can result to female sexual dysfunction.  Hypoactive sexual drive disorder is disorder in which a woman has lost her yearning for sex, failure to achieve orgasm and is not able to get sexually aroused.  Menopause is a natural procedure; however, there are women who encounter this after hysterectomy or exclusion of the ovaries.  Estrogen, progesterone and testosterone are female hormones that are generated by the ovaries.  Once the ovaries are removed, the number of these hormones decreased.  This can result to sexual dysfunction symptoms like orgasm issues and loss of sexual desire.

Aside from the hormonal and physical changes that happen before and after pregnancy and menopause, sexual dysfunction is usually associated to psychological factors like poor self-esteem, depression, feeling guilty about sex, inadequate foreplay, and fear of being pregnant and sexual abuse.

How to Treat Female Sexual Dysfunction

During the past years, there were a lot of developments to female libido boosters.  There is now a treatment called hormone replacement therapy.  This is a common treatment in replacing female sex hormones after menopause.  For women who naturally experience menopause, they are prescribed with progestin and estrogen.  For women who went for hysterectomy, they can only take estrogen.  After hysterectomy, the level of testosterone also decreases, so women are advised to take patches to replace the loss.  Intrinsa patch is another treatment for sexual dysfunction in women.  One patch has testosterone level of around 300mg.  This hormone is released in managed doses.  This patch should be used for a longer period to see positive results.  This should be worn for around 72 hours.  Based on some trial, 51% of those who had hysterectomy experienced improved sexual drive because of Intrinsa patch.

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