Discover how stress affects female libido

Stress is basically the body’s way of reacting to changes that occur during your daily existence. There are so many changes that cause stress nowadays whether it is related to our homes, career, societal and personal life changes. Female libido is the sexual drive that gives women the desire and energy to go through sexual intercourse. Under normal circumstances, female libido becomes lower as women age but there are different stressful circumstances that cause low libido to younger women.

Causes of low female libido

Low female libido is reaching epidemic levels and it now generally affects a lot of women aged between eighteen and sixty years of age. It has now become apparent that stress affects female libido in numerous ways that most people may not be aware of. The main sources of stress affecting libido include family stress, relationship stress, health stress as well as career related stress. This is a clear indication that apart from physical disturbances, mental disturbances also play a great role in causing low female libido.

Some of the main causes of stress in women that affects their libido include:

Low self confidence

Stress affects female libido

A great number of women who develop low libido for no apparent reason usually are suffering from low self confidence especially regarding their ability to enjoy and participate in sexual intercourse. The reason may be low self image related to some physical condition they don’t like about themselves or perhaps obesity. What such a woman needs is a reassurance that they are attractive and especially from their partner but when it is not forthcoming, you need to look at yourself for many other positive things there are to celebrate about you.

Stress kills female libido

It is very true that when a woman is stressed for any reason it is going to affect her sexual life and will make it worse. The direct result of stress is a reduced urge to make in love which in turn heightens the stress levels making it become a vicious cycle. Women must understand that apart from foreplay, they should take care of many other emotional issues affecting them if they are going to get aroused sexually. It is therefore important that you analyze your stress levels to see whether it is the cause of your sexual dysfunction.  

Fix the root of the problem

Since it is a fact that stress affects female libido, you need to clearly understand the reasons you are stressed and also look for ways of fixing the problem. Fixing such problems will not happen overnight and will require some concerted effort and a great deal of patience. You also need to realize the things in your life you have no control over so that they don’t trouble you unnecessarily and when it comes to the things you have control over, simply do what is in your ability and go on with your life.

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