Avoid foods that kill female libido

People all over the world looking for aphrodisiacs have a large variety of herbs and foods to choose from but very few people have ever thought about foods that kill sex drive. There may not be so much information peddled about them but the fact is that many women inadvertently consume foods that kill female libido and keep wondering where the rain started beating them. This article is going to explore some of those anaphrodisiacs.

Gin and tonics

The first among the foods that kill female libido are gins and tonics that people consume so freely because these are known to affect the body in such a way that they lower the testosterone levels of the body. You will remember that their key ingredients are alcohol which comes to a level of about 99.3%. It is know that men who take to much of this stuff become inhibited sexually and the effect should actually be worse where women are involved.

Soy products  

Foods that kill female libido

Soy has been used lately among people who want to eat healthy and avoid meat in their diets because of its high protein content. It is believed that soy has ingredients that alter the endocrine system which affects the body’s production of important sex related hormones leading to a low sex drive among women who consume lots of soy products.


This is the other name for potassium nitrate which is also used in making gun powder which no woman who wants to enjoy sex should be ingesting. When this is ingested is known to cause an involuntary relaxation of muscle fiber which is why it is used to temporarily cure diseases such as asthma. For along time there used to be a rumor to the effect that the Army usually slips doses of saltpeter to soldiers’ food in order to keep their sexual drive low.


Another food that kills female libido is the consumption of large amounts of mints and mint oils that are usually flavored with menthol. Whereas mints are generally used to provide a cooling effect to the body the side effect is usually the reduction of testosterone levels in the body.


Licorice is loaded with phytoestrogens which unfortunately have a negative impact on the body’s testosterone levels. Whereas most people believe that testosterone is an exclusively male hormone, the truth of that matter is that females also produce some amount of it and this is what stimulates their sexual drive. Even though it may not be clear how much licorice will affect your libido, it may be a good idea to steer clear of it just to be safe.


Cilantro is a major ingredient in Mexican and Vietnamese cuisine and it is known as one of those foods that affect your sex drive negatively.


Last but not least, the consumption of too much sugar may cause a blockage of arteries which may eventually reduce the amount of blood that flows to the genital area causing a reduction in female libido.

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