Amazing facts about female libido

Getting a proper understanding of female libido will make a difference between the success and failure of your marital life because sex is such an important component of marriage. It is understood that more than 75% of women who know facts about female libido play sex regularly and they enjoy it abundantly. The truth of the matter is that the more sexual libido one has the easier it will be to participate in sex and enjoy it as well. Here are amazing facts you need to know about female libido.

Fact #1 – The brain plays a central role in sexuality

Female libido is controlled by a hormone known as estrogen and its presence in the bloodstream heightens sexual desire to the highest degree. In order for estrogen to cause a heightened sexual desire it must come to the part of the brain known as the hypothalamus. When this does not happen a woman becomes indifferent to sex and can actually become aggressive towards her sexual partner. This means that no matter how much estrogen there is in the bloodstream, if the brain is not tuned towards it there will be zero effects towards female libido.

Fact #2 – Soy foods kill female libido

Understanding female libido

During this health revolution days there is so much talk about soy products and how they supposedly rejuvenate sexual desire because of the great level of flavonoids they contain. Even though soy has many positive health benefits such as supplementing estrogen, improving skin quality and even hair, they have phyto hormones that alter the endocrine system such that it lowers female libido by 70 – 80%.  That means you should reduce the amount of soy foods you eat.

Facts#3 – Low female libido is not good for a woman’s health

One fact about female libido is that when it is lacking it leads to frigidity which finally leads to lack of interest in sex and lack of orgasms. Women in permanent marital relationships who end up doing sex as a duty may end up getting hurt and also get infectious as well as inflammatory diseases in their genitals due to lack of lubrication. The second thing you must know is that women who are sexually unsatisfied usually end up in depression and apathy as days roll on.

Fact #4 – Some things you ignore contribute to low libido

One fact about female libido or lack of it is some simple things you may want to overlook contribute to it about 90% of the time. Some of those things that cause this problem include stresses related to living in urban areas, lack of money, family troubles, stress and depression as well as lack of understanding with your partner. Apparently, there may even be some gynecological problems such as tumors, STDs, urinary infections etc which cause painful sex leading to frigidity. Finally, remember that the more sex you have the better your libido is going to be.

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